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7 August 2015

GLCTP Graduation Press Release (PDF File, 330KB)
GLCTP Report Card (PDF File, 21.1 MB)
GLCTP Vol. 1: Graduation Report (PDF File, 52.2 MB)
GLCTP Vol. 2: Voices (PDF File, 17.1 MB)

13 July 2015

GLC Open Day to be held from 7 to 9 August 2015 (PDF File, 336 KB)

15 May 2015

GLCs primed to successfully 'graduate' from 10-year transformation programme (PDF File, 336 KB)

23 April 2015

GLCT Programme Report Card (April 2015) (PDF File, 2.9 MB)
GLCs deliver strong all-round performance - On track to successfully 'graduate' from 10-year GLCT Programme (PDF File, 281 KB)

4 November 2014

GLCs gearing up for 'graduation' and charting the way forward (PDF File, 161KB)

10 June 2014

GLCs Delivering High Performance And Catalysing Inclusive Growth (PDF File, 179KB)
GLCT Programme Progress Review (June 2014) (PDF File, 30.0 MB)
GLCT Programme Progress Report Card (June 2014)
(PDF File, 2.5 MB)

30 Apr 2014

GLCs Primed To Support Nation's Growth With Inclusion Initiatives (PDF File, 180KB)

20 Nov 2013

GLCs Continue To Strengthen Key Initiatives To Ensure Sustainable Growth With Inclusion (PDF File, 181KB)

14 June 2013

GLCs continue to make significant progress (PDF File, 131 KB)
GLCT Programme Progress Review (June 2013) (PDF File, 10.0 MB)
GLCT Programme Progress Report Card (June 2013)
(PDF File, 1.7 MB)

29 May 2012

GLCs record continued success, making strong progress in regionalisation and contributing further to Malaysia's economy (PDF File, 172KB)
GLCT Programme Progress Review (May 2012) (PDF File, 17.0 MB)
GLCT Programme Progress Report Card (May 2012)
(PDF File, 8.5 MB)

3 May 2012

GLCs make further strides, continue to play key role towards transforming Malaysia (PDF File, 168KB)

20 June 2011

The inaugural GLC Open Day 2011 sets to impress visitors (PDF File, 158KB)

13 April 2011

GLCs Continue On Growth Trajectory, Advancing Towards Regionalisation And Contributing Significantly To The Economy (PDF File, 620KB)

6 May 2010

GLCs Primed To Support Goverment's Efforts In NEM Implementation (PDF File, 245KB)

31 March 2010

GLCs resilient in crisis, back on championship path and ready for NEM (PDF File, 245KB)
GLCT Programme Progress Review (March 2010) (PDF File, 5.9 MB)

15 Sept 2009

GLCs Resilient in Economic Downturn, Playing Key Role in Fiscal Stimulus. Prime Minister Urges GLCs to Intensify Drive to Become Champions (PDF File, 117KB)
Government-GLC Cross-Fertilisation Launched, Marks Start of Greater Public-Private Sector Collaboration (PDF File, 104KB)

4 Sept 2009

Prime Minister launches Sejahtera pilot project and PINTAR national programme (PDF File, 112KB)

6 July 2009

GLC Cross Assignment Programme Launched (PDF File, 120KB)

13 March 2009

Media Statement (PDF File, 138 KB)
GLCT Programme Mid-Term Progress Review (March 2009) (PDF File, 8.6 MB)

23 September 2008

Media Statement (PDF File, 138 KB)
Initiative 4 - The White Book: Creating Value Through Regulatory Management
(PDF File, 8.4 MB)

25 March 2008 - Invest Malaysia 2008

GLCT Programme Progress Review March 2008 (PDF File, 13.95 MB)

10 December 2007

Media Statement (PDF File, 145 KB)
GLCT Programme 2007 Interim Progress Review (PDF File, 2.7 MB)

21 March 2007 - Invest Malaysia 2007

GLC Progress Review March 2007 (PDF File, 4.53 MB)

8 December 2006 - launch

GLC Progress Review December 2006

Initiative 2 - Malaysia Directors Academy (MINDA) (PDF File, 26.6MB)

Initiative 3 - GLIC Monitoring & Management Framework (PDF File, 660 KB)

Initiative 7 - The Purple Book - Optimising Capital Management Practices (PDF File, 2.03 MB)

Initiative 8 - The Orange Book - Strengthening Leadership Development (PDF File, 7128KB)

Initiative 9.5 - Programme For Implementing Value Based Performance

25 September 2006 - launch

Catalysing GLC Tranformation To Advance Malaysia's Development - Programme Summary September 2006

  • Cover (PDF File, 1592KB)

  • Content (PDF File, 4376KB)
  • Initiative 4 - Improving Regulatory Environment Programme

    The Silver Book - Achieving Value Through Social Responsibility

    Initiative 10 - Framework For Continuous Improvement-Reference Document For The Programme

    Media Statement GLC Transformation Programme On Track With The Launch Of Additional Three Initiatives On Regulatory Management, Social Responsibility And Continuous Improvement (PDF File, 118KB)

    26 April 2006 - launch

    The Red Book - Procurement Guidelines & Best Practices (PDF File, 35970KB)

  • The Red Book wallchart (PDF File, 722KB)

  • The Green Book - Enhancing Board Effectiveness (PDF File, 5770KB)
  • Green Book wallchart (PDF File, 1088KB)

  • GLC Transformation Scorecard & Update - April 2006 (PDF File, 8998KB)

    Speech by YAB Prime Minister at the Launch of the Red Book (Initiative on Procurement Revamp) and Green Book (Initiative on Board Effectiveness) and GLC Transformation Program Update (PDF File, 37KB)

    Prime Minister Reviews Progress made under the GLC Transformation Program and Launches Initiative Books on Board Effectiveness and Procurement Revamp for GLCs (PDF File, 169KB)

    GLC Transformation Program
    Launch Of GLC Transformation Program

    21 July 2006

    GLC Transformation Program Update (PDF File, 280KB)

    23 March 2006

    Summary Of Transformation Manual - March 2006 (PDF File, 28 184KB)
    29 July 2005
    Secretariat Presentation of the Putrajaya Committee on GLC High Performance (PDF file, 202kb)

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